About our tutors


Alison Sharpless

Alison Sharpless is a Princeton in Asia teaching fellow at the English Language Centre. She received a B.A. in Chinese and Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her interests include academic writing, literary analysis, translation, and language acquisition. Alison has enjoyed experiences as an advisor and tutor and looks forward to working together with UM students at the EWCC.


Bruce Lin

Bruce Lin is an English Language Teaching Assistant at the English Language Centre. He holds a B.A. in English Studies and a M.A. in Translation Studies. His interests lie in English teaching, translation and interpreting. He has some experience in teaching English and providing translation and interpreting services. He is happy and ready to help with your writing.


Christian Angelos

Christian is a Princeton in Asia fellow working in the English Language Centre.  He received his B.A. in English (Creative Writing) at Denison University. He is interested in writing both fiction with a focus in science fiction and nonfiction.  A significant portion of his degree was earned through writing workshops. He is excited to use that experience to help students with any type of writing in the EWCC.



Miranda Ma

Miranda Ma is the coordinator of the English Writing and Communication Centre. She has an MA in TESOL and English (Rhetoric & Composition concentration) and a BA in English Studies. Miranda’s professional interests lie mainly in second language writing, peer review, and writing center administration & pedagogy.

Grace Lee

Grace Lee is currently an English Language Teaching assistant at the English Language Center. She received her M.A. in Linguistics at Utrecht University. She has experience tutoring for English reading and writing with students in a variety of different English proficiencies, including IELTS tutoring. If you have any question about English writing, she is very willing to offer helps!



Joan Tang

Dr. Joan Tang is a senior instructor at the ELC.  All her three degrees (BA, MA, Ed.D) are related to English teaching and learning.  She has taught English courses in many areas and specializations to students of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds, including writing and literacy in a range of genres and registers.  She welcomes innovative and interactive pedagogies in improving all the English language skills in students.


Jessica Lai

Jessica Lai holds a MSc of Education (Comparative Education and International Development) from the University of Edinburgh and is currently an English Language Teaching Assistant at the English Language Center. She is interested in academic writing, comparative education, and experienced in English tutoring. You are welcome to contact her for writing advice.


Zak Chen

Zak Chen is an English Teaching Assistant at the English Language Centre. He received his M.A. in English Studies (Lingustics)from the University of Macau. He is interested in descriptive linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. He has experience tutoring group projects (speaking), CET (listening and writing), working with interviews, supervising personal statements, CV, etc. He is willing to offer his help in the field of his profession.


Teresa Lam

Teresa Lam is a Senior Language Instructor at the ELC. She holds a Master of Education in Social Education and a Bachelor in English Studies. Before joining the ELC, she taught General English and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses to undergraduates in different tertiary institutes in Macao. Teresa also has experience with a variety of students, ranging from primary students to adults. She is particularly interested in educational technology, learner motivation and learning styles.


Janet Beth Randall 

Janet Beth Randall is an Instructor at the English Language Centre.  She received her MA in Applied Linguistics and from Georgia State University and is especially interested in how language learners can use corpus tools in their own learning. She has worked with writers of all levels: from beginners working on sentences to experts working on dissertations.  




Alice Lee

Alice S. Lee is a senior instructor at the University of Macau, where she has been teaching since 2004. Alice has a PhD in English (Composition and TESOL) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys talking about writing and working with multilingual student writers.