Welcome to the Writing Centre!

EWCC Consultation for FALL 2023

Zoom Consultation & Face-to-face Consultation

Our Vision

The English Writing and Communication Centre strives to be a writing hub of the university where undergraduate and graduate students come to share their writing, exchange ideas, and practice their English.

Mission Statement

The English Writing and Communication Centre stresses both the importance of learning to write and writing to learn. It offers a welcoming and supportive environment where UM students from all disciplines and levels come to comfortably share and talk about their writing and speaking projects of any form. Our consultants work collaboratively with students and guide them through their writing processes. Our mission is to support students as they emerge as competent writers/ communicators and confident users of the English language.


In order to maintain equal opportunities for all UM students to register for writing consultations and to ensure the quality of each consultation session, the writing centre invites you to follow the policies below:

  • Each student can only book one appointment per day.
  • Each student can only book two appointments per week.
  • Each consultation session lasts for 40 – 60 minutes.

Additionally, in line with our mission, our readers strive to guide you through your writing processes and help you improve as a writer. To do that, our readers are more than happy to work with you on any genre of writing during any stage of your writing process. However, we do not commit to helping with activities that are not conducive to your development as a writer. Examples of these activities include:

  • We don’t guarantee grades.
  • We don’t proofread an entire paper – BUT – we are more than happy to share some proofreading strategies with you!
  • We don’t work with a complete graduate-level thesis – BUT – we are more than happy to look at parts of your thesis chapters during your writing process!

The English Writing and Communication Centre is a unit within the English language Centre.